During the 3-day workshop we will explore several issues related to computation by bringing together experts from very diverse background, including the traditional field of computational physics (fluctuating hydrodynamics, stochastic problems and first principle simulations) with other issues involving nonlinear dynamics, neural networks, gene-regulation, computational neuroscience, computational complexity, machine learning, quantum computation and thermodynamics of computation. By confronting on these various forms computation, we hope to learn about essential versus problem-specific ingredients and characteristics of computation. The workshop is small-scale. A lot of time is reserved for discussion. In view of the diverse background of the participants, we will ask the speakers to devote at least half of their talk to a didactic introduction. There will also be time to discuss in private or to visit with the participating research centers at UCSD.

The many faces of computation • University of California at San Diego (UCSD) • July 14-16 2014